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Lean Manufacturing

This chapter analyses the basic concepts that are associated with human resource management and lean manufacturing and what are the relationship of both these terms. Similarly, the issues of human resource management that are directly and indirectly related with lean manufacturing are discussed in detail. Similarly, the short and the long term effects of human

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Essay: Ecological Development Approach

Sample Essay Upon considering the ecological model shown above, one cannot help but concentrate the present chain of occurrences rather than delving into the causes and reasons that led to it. To an effective social worker, the collection of events of the past is only an implication of the present. It is the present that

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Essay: Overview of Specific Marketing Concepts

Sample Essay Various marketing and consumer behavior concepts will be used in carrying out the study. These include: –          The concept of selective and subjective perception: this will be used to help understand why and how target customers filter out, distort, or simply refrain from retaining marketing stimuli (such as advertisement messages) which are not

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