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Report Writing Sample

Why do students need custom report writing solutions? It is obvious that students are always looking for custom writing solutions. When they have a high work load of exams, projects and other tasks, they cannot find the time to work on their report paper. It is obvious that you cannot put your paper at risk

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How to Find Academic Professional Writers?

Planning an academic paper and being successful in completing the paper properly are two very different things. Most students are only successful in making a plan for their paper but fail to complete the writing process properly. Getting custom academic writers is something that actually exists as the best option. This is because it puts

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Story of Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Tess of the D’Urbervilles is not just a novel about the life of an unfortunate woman, but a novel about most women in the Victorian era. It is probably history repeating itself because there is the history of murder in the D’Urbervilles family. This ancient incident supposedly makes murder a disposition in the D’Urbervilles family.

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Spanish Art and Francis De Goya

Francis de Goya is considered by many painters to be the “father” of Contemporary Art because his paintings were very novel and original due to their pragmatically bold technique and haunting graphic art. Goya earned respect and honor for his declaration that the vision of an artist is significant for the modernization of art. Goya

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Terrorism – and its consequences

Terrorism is prevalent all over the world and is causing thousands of deaths and a lot of destruction every day. In nearly every country in the world, terrorism is condemned and is considered to be a very heinous crime. The basic motivation for terrorists these days is a religion because they firmly believe that their

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Essay: Story by a Chinese Student

I belong to a country with the largest population in the world! China is not only populated but it’s huge and of course the most beautiful place in this whole wide world. I was born in Chang Chun and went to college in Santa Barbara. This was the most grueling change of my life!

Essay: Story Arc of the Novel Billy Bud

A court-martial is formed and listens to Billy’s accusations and his defense arguments. The court-martial discusses the case after Billy is taken away and agrees that they should adhere to the imperial laws. The junior lieutenant asks “Can we not convict and yet mitigate the penalty?” (Melville) but the captain argues that such a judgment

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Essay: Sociology of crime class

Reviewing and analyzing Kristie Matsuda’s article “The impact of incarcerations on young offenders” reveals that the judgment passed on by the court to the young offenders does affect their lives in a very big way. The study observes the cases of 9,892 young offenders who were sentenced by the court (Matsuda 23).