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Business Reports Depicting the Real Business World

Business reports are reports focusing on the business world. They are usually written similar to research papers but they are more business oriented despite of focusing on a specific company. Many business reports are actually an analysis of business of a company. Such as how it manages its financial issues, marketing problems and management.

Research Paper: Volcanic Eruption

Sample Research Paper A volcano comprises a mountain or a small hill which spews or at some point of time has spewed out hot molten lava. This happens due to the presence of large holes in the crust of the earth which are formed when hot bubbling magma under the earth’s crust forces itself out

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Essay: Value of price discounting

A good example is of a company that values price discounting to beat its competitors that given by Muhtar Kent, the Coca Cola president. He has been able to make Coca-Cola products very popular all over the world. He believes that that the three thumb rules need to be applied. These are discounting briefly, discounting

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Research on Problems Encountered by Women Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs face many issues during the establishment and growth of business schemes that range from extreme financial issues to everyday operational issues. Many studies reported that variety of problems is faced by the women entrepreneurs who hinder the success at the starting phase and during growth. The major problem includes lack of access finance that

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Research Paper on Wife Rape

Many kinds of abuses such as physical and sexual abuse are not recognized as violence both by the victims and the law. A similar case is with a sexual assault that is considered as the right of the husband to -access his wife sexually. Man commits the rape with a woman if he has sexual

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Interview Ethics

Interviews are the mode of getting-to-know-someone-before-hiring-them that companies use to get to know someone before hiring them. Written tests can never substitute the personal manner of gleaning information regarding someone and their capability and suitability for a job. While a potential employer has the right to try and judge a person as a candidate for

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Ministries of Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

Nineteen Eighty-Four is George Orwell’s science fiction dystopia novel published in 1949. The novel is set in a time zone where war is inevitable and perpetual, based on a super-state known as Oceania. The superstate is ruled by one supreme leader known as Big Brother and governed by four ministries, which include the Ministry of

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Racism has become a very sensitive and crucial topic which has to be taken into consideration. The act of making people different from one another is one of the many reasons why wars, bullying and other gruesome acts have accelerated. Dark people are not accepted and are targeted by the majority of the people as

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