Term Paper: Life Cycle of Stars

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Electromagnetic waves are of the utmost importance in the area of engineering. Modern and classic engineering commonly choose to make use of electromagnetic waves. Optical Astronomy and Wireless Communication employ electromagnetic waves with equal levels of relevance as well (Shevgaonkar, 2005).

In terms of the hierarchy of the universe, stars are considered to be present between amalgamations of such small nature that they are unable to ignite and amalgamations that are far too unbalanced to persevere (Day, 1999). Modern day technology has allowed man to discover that what appeared to be stationary and permanent entities in the sky are in reality going through a highly intricate and complex cycle. They do not simply continue to shine as they appear to be doing so but go through a complete cycle of life, spanning from their life to their deaths.

When a star first takes birth, it is referred to as a nebula (Marks, 2005). At this point, the star is nothing more than a cloud of gases and dust particles. More specifically, the major constituent of these gases is hydrogen while helium takes on a smaller share of the star. Eventually, the formation of gravity within the nebula causes the gases and dust particles to come together and accumulate their atomic masses in a manner such that the gravitational pull of the nebula increases, hence causing the attraction of more dust particles and gas towards the nebula.

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